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Seeding/Reseeding Procedures

All services offered will be provided with tractors, drivers and implements. Mill House Contracting does not allow kit to be hired without drivers accompanying.

Seeding/Reseeding Procedures: Projects


Mill House Contracting offers to drill cereals, oilseed rape, grass varieties, Alfalfa/Lucerne and pulses. As a company, to drill we use a Horsch Pronto 6AS disc drill and a Horsch CO4 with Bourgault dutch openers. VR seeding with Pronto is available. We offer all direct, min-till and conventional drilling.

One Pass Tillage

By using our Horsch Terrano 4MT, one pass tillage operations are with Low/Ultra low disturbance points. This will be depending on soil needs and black-grass issues within the fields.


To get a well tilled soil bed Mill House Contracting uses a 7 furrow Lemkin plough, which can have an additional furrow added for larger operations. This plough can be both in-furrow and on land. This type of seeding/reseeding procedure is suited for poorly drained soil types.


The Vaderstad Rexis Twin Press, is used after our Lemkin plough to break up both heavy and light soil types while maintaining the soil structure and creating a level surface. This type of press performs to consolidate eliminating air pockets to allow crops access to water and aiding in root development.

Strip Tillage

Mill House Contracting uses a Orthman Strip-till with fertiliser placement available to inject nutrients into row area. Ideal for maize or row crops as soil is moves as little as possible to gain rows ideal for specific crops.

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