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Seasonal Work

All services offered will be provided with tractors, drivers and implements. Mill House Contracting does not allow kit to be hired without drivers accompanying.

Seasonal Work: Projects


We provide both round and 4 string square baling. To do this we use a John Deere baler. When baling pasture fields some additives may be wanted which Mill House Contracting can both provide and/or spray.


Throughout harvest, we appreciate this being the busiest time, therefore we cart with a 16 tonne Richard Weston Trailer that includes single five-stage vertical pushing tipping rams with a 55 degree tipping angle to ensure reduced tipping times and work efficiently with the combine.


Mill House Contracting uses a New Holland CX7.90 Combine with a 28ft header. This can be hired for Cereals, Oilseed Rape and Pulses. This make of combine provides yield mapping and is self-driven but can also run along previously GPS drilled fields.

Hedge Trimming

As a company, Mill House Contracting follows guidelines on annual legal times for Hedge trimming. There for, we will only carry out this from the 1st of March until the 30th of August. To carry out this we use a Spearhead Twiga.


The Roc RT870 Mill House Contracting uses ensures an increase of productivity and efficiency when in the field. By merging, instead of raking, less crops are spread across the field as two swaths become one reducing time spent baling as well as decreasing overall crop damage.


Topping helps maintain a good-high quality level of grass. It will also help to control invasions of weeds. By keeping the grass under a certain height, ensuring increased productivity, as well as suiting selective grazers. To do this, we use a Spearhead Batwing.

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