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Field Maintenance

All services offered will be provided with tractors, drivers and implements. Mill House Contracting does not allow kit to be hired without drivers accompanying.

Field Maintenance: Projects

Grass Harrowing

Harrowing is beneficial for grass fields as it is the removal of dead grass from the base of the healthy crop. It restores and renovates pasture through root aeriation for better water infiltration and growth. The harrower we use is a Einbock Grass-Manager.

Mole Draining

Mole draining ground and fields that are planned to be drilled directly will help reduce waterlogging problems and is one of the most cost-effective ways of draining. This is ideal for these types of fields as there is minimum top disturbance. Most commonly used on clay soil types.


Mowing pasture is beneficial for all grass types used for livestock feed as well is wanting to reduce weed varieties. By mowing pasture fields seed heads and weed roots reserves are reduced causing them to thin and/or eventually die out.


By raking pasture fields basic components such as water and sunlight access to grassroots are heightened. This also allows fertilisers and nutrients to the soil is improved, increasing the final product of grass.

Solid Fertiliser

When using solid synthetic/inorganic fertilisers advantages can range from fast acting to adjustable amounts of nutrients to get their desired amount. To spread these types of fertilisers we use a bogballe spreader. By using this alongside our technology the spreader is able to perform at variable rates.


Different crops require different nutrients to maximise their potential. By using liquid fertiliser these can be combined into one product for a singular application. We can supply and/or spread any fertiliser required using our Horsch Leeb 5lt sprayer.


Subsoiling is a process used to improve crops yield potential by bettering poorly drained soils. Mill House Contracting uses a HEVA subsoiler to allow even healthy soils that have become too compacted to benefit.

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